Apple Approves!!!

May 21, 2009

Our game hExistentialism got approved by Apple. Woo Hoo.

Here is the link to our AppStore page. Buy it, Rate it, and Tell your Friends!!!!

And for good measure here is a pic of one of our team team members at Bay to Breakers last Sunday in San Francisco with the whole Mario Kart Gang.

Mario Kart at Bay to Breakers

Mario Kart at Bay to Breakers

Ayumusoft Project #1 95 days in the making, *55 in the waiting

*(48 days to fix account info, 12 for the little green check mark, 9 in review)

3 Responses to “Apple Approves!!!”

  1. Congrats guys! Have you got a lite version going too? If not I think you should, anything over $0.99 IMO needs a lite version or people are hesitant to buy it.

  2. Oh, also now that you’ve got an app on the store check out these tools: – Let’s you check your sales on your phone. – Show’s your app’s rank in all stores.

  3. Thanks Rob. We are planning the release of our free app as we speak. We are trying to time our marketing efforts too maximize momentum.

    As for the 2 resources you recommended. I already had magic rank (The Magic Jungle Guys are Awesome), and am syncing my iPhone with App Sales Mobile as I comment. Ope! It’s Done!

    Thanks Again!!!

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