We are almost there

May 7, 2009

Apple delighted us with a little green check mark on our paid contracts.

Little Green Check Mark

We are now good to go. We can submit to apple. All that we need is to now complete a few features we started in the wait for Apple and we are go for launch. Oh just saying that feels good.

Screen-shots, video, and official game website to come in the days ahead.

Whoo Hoo!

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  1. That’s great news! I have some suggestions for you when you go to submit your app:
    - Use Safari to do everything in itunesconnect.apple.com, don’t use Firefox. Seems to work better for me.
    - Have everything ready to go for when you are filling out the submission info in like word docs or text files. Remember your app description has to fit in 700 characters. Have your primary, and 4 screenshots all ready to go with the status bar chopped off. Have your 512×512 image for the itunes screen and all that stuff handy. This will reduce the likelihood of timeouts and crap on that submission web script.
    - You guys better test with OS 3.0’s new beta 5 today, because Apple just announced today that if your submission doesn’t work on that they won’t post it to the store.

    Good luck guys!

  2. Rob,

    Thanks for all the info. Thanks for our first comment. Your comment made me realize I had comments wait for moderation. Which I just turned off, because that what recaptcha is for.

    Again Thanks


  3. If you want more comments here’s some tips:
    - Sign up for something like this: http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/technology/ I’ve had a few folks come from there.
    - When you learn something useful about iPhone development post about it in detail. One of the posts on my blog that gets the highest traffic is this one where I talk about embedding a UIScrollview in a UITextview. People are googling that constantly every day and keep coming to my blog to read about it.

    Yeah I turned off moderation too! If you want to block spam get Akismet (it’s a wordpress plugin). Oh while you’re getting plugins get the “WordPress.com Stats” plugin too. That will give you plenty of info about who’s coming to your blog and help you develop it.

    I think getting a good blog going is important for us iPhone guys. We don’t have huge dollars to advertise, we gotta find new ways to get the word out about our business in my opinion. What better way than to talk about it honestly and get people interested.

  4. Rob,

    I signed up for “blog catalog” and added “WordPress.com Stats” yesterday. Added Akismet today. Thanks

    I too believe that sharing knowledge and building communities is the way we will persevere in iPhone land. From the very beginning our company was formed on being open, I have signed too many NDA’s and will sign more that I will have to honor. For me to force that upon my team ;) Plus running business like this knocked out all insecurities and made us rely on our own confidence and abilities.

    BTW – I linked to your post about embedding a UIScrollview in a UITextview in your comment.

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