The hExistentialism Challenge

We think that on hExistentialism in hard mode is the hardest game in the AppStore. Not impossible just hard.

And we are challenging our users by giving away our iPhone Game hExistentialism,

And this time we have made a nifty new video.

So what do you have to do to get a promocode for the full version of hExistentialism.

- Download the free version (Called “Ah, You’re Not Enough to Score 3600 Points)
- Play through the Tutorial
- Play a few games on MEDIUM
- Score 3600 on HARD
- Email our support team a screenshot of your 3600 score. First 25 users get a promocode for the Full version .

Also remember to rate our new video on YouTube and our app on the AppStore.

Full Version Give Away!!!

We are having a full version give-a-way. We will give a redeem codes for the Full version of hExistentialsm to the first 15 users to download the free version and write a review for the free version. Once you write the review, email me the handle (user name) you used to write the review as soon as you write the review. I will be basing timing of winners on emails not when the reviews show up. This is only available to US residents. If you are not in the US, I am sorry but Apples codes only work inthe US.Email, comment or twitter me your handle

Email, comment or twitter me your handle

Version 1.31 Submitted

We submitted version 1.31 to Apple today. In version 1.31 you will find 2 new variations on medium and 6 variations on easy. We will be updating with more variations as we test them weekly. Which brings me to the sale. Now that we have submitted the new version, I estimate that version 1.31 will hit the App Store by the end of the weekend which means no more sale and hExitentialism’s price will go back up to $2.99. So if you don’t own the full version now is the time to buy it or win it.

There is one more thing to thisĀ  update, that is our logo. Though we love the logo of the boy and the Nerf Gun. Our creative director always thought that that image did not fit the game. Then came the review from Germany. I used Google translator to translate it so it reads a bit funny. But here it is proof positive that our creative director was right and my sentimental attachment to the original logo was clouding my judgment.

More than a game – more than five stars!…Finally, a few critical questions or requests:…The startup screen Ayumusoft (human figure with a gun) pointed at more games and it does not fit quite hExistentialism. This disturbs the aesthetic sense, which is such an ambitious game not to be.

Here is our new logo for hExistentialism. We will save the old logo for a shooter of some sort.

More thoughtfull like our iPhone Game

More thoughtfull like our iPhone Game

Free Version!!!!

The free version of our iPhone game hExistentialism has hit the App Store. If you don’t already own the full version of our iPhone game hExistentialism go download it now. You can get it by going to If you already own it recommend it to your friends and family.

Free Version
Free Version of our iPhone game

I am also happy to announce a temporary price drop in the full version to $.99. You read it right, $.99 TEMPORARILY. “How long?” You ask, well we will raise the price back up when version 1.31 gets released by Apple, and Apple does not like to tell us how long that will take. I give it at most a week. So buy it now before it goes back up to the original price of $2.99. We are doing this because the free version and version 1.3 came out this week and we would like to see as many people make the switch to the full version as possible. Remember all updates to hExistentialism will be free to those that already own the full version.

hExistentialism goes on sale today!!! hExistentialism goes on sale!!!

Do you really want the full version of hExistentialism but you just went nuts on Jack in the Boxes $.99 menu and all your dollars are gone. Well have we got some news for you if you act fast. Twitter users can go to can visit our profile ( there will be a tweet about the free version. The first 20 people to retweet that tweet get a free FULL version of our game.

Version 1.3 of our iPhone Game hExistentialism

Version 1.3 of our iPhone Game has hit the App Store.

You will notice easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.

Difficulty added to our iPhone game hExistentialism

Difficulty added to our iPhone game hExistentialism

As promised easy will be easy enough for some one who is new to match games. Easy includes 6 variations to keep your kids and friends who want to play an iPhone game busy. Medium will take a little thinking but should not frustrate anyone starting out to the point of tossing their iPhone at the nearest hard surface. Medium includes 4 variations so you can practice for the uber-challenge that is Hard.

What we are most exited about is our ability to add variations of the game to medium difficulty. I will submit version 1.31 on Sunday. This will 2 more medium levels. Apple took 7 days so you can expect 1.31 to be out some where around July 18th 2009.

I am posing a question to our users. Once you have downloaded version 1.3 play medium. 21 hEx are put on the board at the beginning of each game. Would you as users like to see variations of medium that have less than 21 hex to start out. In medium there is a hExistential match when there are more than 9 hex on the board. Some users will see this as easier because there will be less hEx to keep track of. Though I find more options to be easier.

I also want to mention that we are still listening to your feedback. In the next few days we will be adding a planned feature section to the hExistentialism page of the site. Most of these features will come from requests made by users of our iPhone Game.

Updates and a Free Version Oh My!!!

“hExistentialism is a seemingly simple, yet maddeningly additive game.”

These are the words from the Gadgeteer review of hExistentialism.

As reviews keep coming in we are getting the sense that the game test the limits of a users patience with it’s mountain dew-ish extream learning curve.

Well have I got some great news for you. We just submitted an update to apple. In this update we added difficulty levels!!! There is now easy, medium and hard. Easy is about as easy as playing bass on easy in Guitar Hero and contains 6 variations on the game. Medium will take you brain for a short jog and we added 4 variations to that just in case you feel you are not ready for the Spartan like brain work out that is hard.

And just to put a cherry on top of all this good news. Our amazing programmer made it so our designer can add variations to easy and medium. So we will be updating the app just about weekly for the next 4-6 weeks.

Oh wait I almost forgot. We are also giving out free samples. Yes we also submitted hExistentialism Lite. If Apple approves the lite version will have 1 level of each difficulty and the tutorial. Hard will be limited to 9 matches before we ask you to buy the full version.

Picture 1

So have fun and tell you friends.