Free Version!!!!

July 11, 2009

The free version of our iPhone game hExistentialism has hit the App Store. If you don’t already own the full version of our iPhone game hExistentialism go download it now. You can get it by going to If you already own it recommend it to your friends and family.

Free Version
Free Version of our iPhone game

I am also happy to announce a temporary price drop in the full version to $.99. You read it right, $.99 TEMPORARILY. “How long?” You ask, well we will raise the price back up when version 1.31 gets released by Apple, and Apple does not like to tell us how long that will take. I give it at most a week. So buy it now before it goes back up to the original price of $2.99. We are doing this because the free version and version 1.3 came out this week and we would like to see as many people make the switch to the full version as possible. Remember all updates to hExistentialism will be free to those that already own the full version.

hExistentialism goes on sale today!!! hExistentialism goes on sale!!!

Do you really want the full version of hExistentialism but you just went nuts on Jack in the Boxes $.99 menu and all your dollars are gone. Well have we got some news for you if you act fast. Twitter users can go to can visit our profile ( there will be a tweet about the free version. The first 20 people to retweet that tweet get a free FULL version of our game.

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