The hExistentialism Challenge

July 23, 2009

We think that on hExistentialism in hard mode is the hardest game in the AppStore. Not impossible just hard.

And we are challenging our users by giving away our iPhone Game hExistentialism,

And this time we have made a nifty new video.

So what do you have to do to get a promocode for the full version of hExistentialism.

- Download the free version (Called “Ah, You’re Not Enough to Score 3600 Points)
- Play through the Tutorial
- Play a few games on MEDIUM
- Score 3600 on HARD
- Email our support team a screenshot of your 3600 score. First 25 users get a promocode for the Full version .

Also remember to rate our new video on YouTube and our app on the AppStore.

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