From the Vault

I am posting some pictures from deep development. Be warned we went a little kookoo.

Call Call Call Call …. Call

A little more on my little green check mark adventure.  8 days before I received the little green check mark I spoke to the great people at Apple regarding the missing little green check mark.

Learning from my previous mistake of being content with the first person I spoke to and their solutions. I asked to speak to a Superior (Supervisor), which is what had helped get all my info fixed in the first place.

What I learned from this phone call was gold.

The more you call, the faster stuff gets done. Unlike most places where “Escalations” moves you up a ladder of people that can do something for you i.e. phone support => tech support => engineers. In Apple Land “Escalations” adds a +1 urgent to your problem. How do I know this, well the supervisor told me that is how it worked. He also said that if you call and just say “I want you to put my problem in Escalations”. Support won’t know what you mean. So explain your problem then put the word “Escalations” in what you want them to do.

So in short call often. Apple Dev Support is like your busy uncle that won’t remember your birthday unless you call him the day before to remind him you exist.

One more thing the dev support team is not alll that big. Remember names people give you. Get there last names. If you start refering to the poeple you last spoke to, the new person will actually go up and ask them whats going on.

We are almost there

Apple delighted us with a little green check mark on our paid contracts.

Little Green Check Mark

We are now good to go. We can submit to apple. All that we need is to now complete a few features we started in the wait for Apple and we are go for launch. Oh just saying that feels good.

Screen-shots, video, and official game website to come in the days ahead.

Whoo Hoo!

Oh Oh…

That little green check mark is as elusive as a leprechaun in Alabama.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 78 days in the Making, *48 Days in the waiting.

*(48 days to fix account info, 9 and counting for the little green check mark)

We are back in Business!!!

Apple Changed our account info!!! Only after 49 days.

Written in Stone

I should have known it would take over a month to change a name and address. Silly me.

Now we are just waiting on one little simple green check mark.

Setup Complete?

Lets hope we don’t go the way of the iQuit guys. Here is their article on the little green check mark.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 69 days in the Making, 49 Days in the waiting.

It’s On!!!

What?!!? I don’t know but it is on. We are at almost at 2 months since the account migration started and apple can’t get somthing trival done. The Rep on the phone said she does not want to promise anything, but I should call back Friday. Well I am gonna call back today (Friday). It probably won’t be a very happy call. So Apple you got about 8 hours to get your act together. Please Do not make start a new company and pay $100 just to release my companies first app.

Here is my new counter.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 68 days in the Making, 48 Days in the waiting.