Ayumusoft is back

We’re back!  Did you miss us?  Ayumusoft has another iPhone project going.  You know what that means: more techie, nerdy posts from yours truly.  Hopefully the other team members will post some non-nerdy news, help balance it out.

I hope you’re ready.

Full Version Give Away!!!

We are having a full version give-a-way. We will give a redeem codes for the Full version of hExistentialsm to the first 15 users to download the free version and write a review for the free version. Once you write the review, email me the handle (user name) you used to write the review as soon as you write the review. I will be basing timing of winners on emails not when the reviews show up. This is only available to US residents. If you are not in the US, I am sorry but Apples codes only work inthe US.Email, comment or twitter me your handle

Email, comment or twitter me your handle

Version 1.31 Submitted

We submitted version 1.31 to Apple today. In version 1.31 you will find 2 new variations on medium and 6 variations on easy. We will be updating with more variations as we test them weekly. Which brings me to the sale. Now that we have submitted the new version, I estimate that version 1.31 will hit the App Store by the end of the weekend which means no more sale and hExitentialism’s price will go back up to $2.99. So if you don’t own the full version now is the time to buy it or win it.

There is one more thing to this  update, that is our logo. Though we love the logo of the boy and the Nerf Gun. Our creative director always thought that that image did not fit the game. Then came the review from Germany. I used Google translator to translate it so it reads a bit funny. But here it is proof positive that our creative director was right and my sentimental attachment to the original logo was clouding my judgment.

More than a game – more than five stars!…Finally, a few critical questions or requests:…The startup screen Ayumusoft (human figure with a gun) pointed at more games and it does not fit quite hExistentialism. This disturbs the aesthetic sense, which is such an ambitious game not to be.

Here is our new logo for hExistentialism. We will save the old logo for a shooter of some sort.

More thoughtfull like our iPhone Game

More thoughtfull like our iPhone Game

Free Version!!!!

The free version of our iPhone game hExistentialism has hit the App Store. If you don’t already own the full version of our iPhone game hExistentialism go download it now. You can get it by going to free.hExistentialism.com. If you already own it recommend it to your friends and family.

Free Version
Free Version of our iPhone game

I am also happy to announce a temporary price drop in the full version to $.99. You read it right, $.99 TEMPORARILY. “How long?” You ask, well we will raise the price back up when version 1.31 gets released by Apple, and Apple does not like to tell us how long that will take. I give it at most a week. So buy it now before it goes back up to the original price of $2.99. We are doing this because the free version and version 1.3 came out this week and we would like to see as many people make the switch to the full version as possible. Remember all updates to hExistentialism will be free to those that already own the full version.

hExistentialism goes on sale today!!! hExistentialism goes on sale!!!

Do you really want the full version of hExistentialism but you just went nuts on Jack in the Boxes $.99 menu and all your dollars are gone. Well have we got some news for you if you act fast. Twitter users can go to can visit our profile (http://twitter.com/hExistentialism) there will be a tweet about the free version. The first 20 people to retweet that tweet get a free FULL version of our game.

We Have an Announcement.

“It is not every day that you come across a truly creative and unique game”

These are the words from another review that popped up today on Gear Diary. Whoo Hoo!!!


If you read deeper you will find this quote in the review. Talking about the tutorial.

“This is where the game should have started.  With easy, one or two variable combinations, giving you a chance to get used to the gamplay and ease into things.”

I would like to respond to this comment with an announcement. We are currently working on and about to release a free version and a update to hExistentialism. The Update will include easy mode with only 3 attributes at a time.

More on when these releases will go live when we submit to Apple once again.

Good Reviews!!!

Whoo Hoo, We got some good reviews for hExistentialism.

One was from BestStuff.com giving our game 93/100

and a second from iPhoneGuide.com

Check them out and digg the story from BestStuff.com

Apple Approves!!!

Our game hExistentialism got approved by Apple. Woo Hoo.

Here is the link to our AppStore page. Buy it, Rate it, and Tell your Friends!!!!

And for good measure here is a pic of one of our team team members at Bay to Breakers last Sunday in San Francisco with the whole Mario Kart Gang.

Mario Kart at Bay to Breakers

Mario Kart at Bay to Breakers

Ayumusoft Project #1 95 days in the making, *55 in the waiting

*(48 days to fix account info, 12 for the little green check mark, 9 in review)

New Ayumusoft Logo

Check out our new Bad Ass logo.

Ayumusoft Logo

Ayumusoft Logo

This goes out every small developer out there. Get an artist. They Rock.

Submission Complete

As of 9:19pm on May 12th 2009 our new iPhone game hExistentialism has been submitted to Apple for review.

In Review

We now play the iTunes Connect refresh game as described by the good folks at Magic Jungle Software. “…just before it appears in the App Store. As long as the developer stays awake 24 hours a day, they can rush in to iTunes Connect on receipt of this email, and change the availability date to today…

Until then please check out our hExistentialism page for more info  and screen shots of the game.

Release info:

Submission Date: 05/12/09

Availability Date: 05/16/09 (This is a weird date that apple wants that has nothing to do with the day you can buy our game)

Date Actually Available on AppStore: ??????

Official Release Date: 05/22/09

Ayumusoft Project #1 – 86 days in the Making, *56 Days in the waiting.

*(48 days to fix account info, 12 for the little green check mark, 0 in review)