May 8, 2009

Are you looking for a fun puzzle game to enjoy while chatting with your friends, taking a coffee break, or during downtime at work?

hExistentialism is an addicting game that you can play for hours while on a long flight, or just for a little bit during a quick cab ride. Immerse yourself as much as you like.

The Ayumusoft team invites you to delve into this game of logic. It’s easy to start playing. hExistentialism features a simple tutorial to quickly get you going but has the depth to inspire even Kierkegaard’s noble hearted, and its pleasing look won’t strain the eyes and make Nietzsche go crazy.

We think you’ll enjoy the game, whether you play for a few minutes on the go or for hours at a time. The more combos in a row that you can discover, the more your score grows. You can also stop the game at any time and come back exactly where you left off.

So bask in the glory of the individual person that you are: a free and responsible soul determining your own fate. Act on your own free will and buy

hExistentialism now!

Visit our App Store page at www.hExistentialism.com and the free versions App Store page at free.hExistentialism.com


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