We are back in Business!!!

Apple Changed our account info!!! Only after 49 days.

Written in Stone

I should have known it would take over a month to change a name and address. Silly me.

Now we are just waiting on one little simple green check mark.

Setup Complete?

Lets hope we don’t go the way of the iQuit guys. Here is their article on the little green check mark.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 69 days in the Making, 49 Days in the waiting.

It’s On!!!

What?!!? I don’t know but it is on. We are at almost at 2 months since the account migration started and apple can’t get somthing trival done. The Rep on the phone said she does not want to promise anything, but I should call back Friday. Well I am gonna call back today (Friday). It probably won’t be a very happy call. So Apple you got about 8 hours to get your act together. Please Do not make start a new company and pay $100 just to release my companies first app.

Here is my new counter.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 68 days in the Making, 48 Days in the waiting.