Submission Complete

As of 9:19pm on May 12th 2009 our new iPhone game hExistentialism has been submitted to Apple for review.

In Review

We now play the iTunes Connect refresh game as described by the good folks at Magic Jungle Software. “…just before it appears in the App Store. As long as the developer stays awake 24 hours a day, they can rush in to iTunes Connect on receipt of this email, and change the availability date to today…

Until then please check out our hExistentialism page for more info  and screen shots of the game.

Release info:

Submission Date: 05/12/09

Availability Date: 05/16/09 (This is a weird date that apple wants that has nothing to do with the day you can buy our game)

Date Actually Available on AppStore: ??????

Official Release Date: 05/22/09

Ayumusoft Project #1 – 86 days in the Making, *56 Days in the waiting.

*(48 days to fix account info, 12 for the little green check mark, 0 in review)

We are almost there

Apple delighted us with a little green check mark on our paid contracts.

Little Green Check Mark

We are now good to go. We can submit to apple. All that we need is to now complete a few features we started in the wait for Apple and we are go for launch. Oh just saying that feels good.

Screen-shots, video, and official game website to come in the days ahead.

Whoo Hoo!

Oh Oh…

That little green check mark is as elusive as a leprechaun in Alabama.

Aymusoft Project #1 – 78 days in the Making, *48 Days in the waiting.

*(48 days to fix account info, 9 and counting for the little green check mark)

I rather fight 100 Pissed Off Dragons with my team…

I rather fight 100 pissed off dragons with my team’s hands tied behind our backs then let some one I don’t know do something trival when this product depends on it.


We are now at one month and the folks at apple can’t get there act together enough to change a name and address field.


I was not gonna blog about this but I will now.