Version 1.3 of our iPhone Game hExistentialism

Version 1.3 of our iPhone Game has hit the App Store.

You will notice easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.

Difficulty added to our iPhone game hExistentialism

Difficulty added to our iPhone game hExistentialism

As promised easy will be easy enough for some one who is new to match games. Easy includes 6 variations to keep your kids and friends who want to play an iPhone game busy. Medium will take a little thinking but should not frustrate anyone starting out to the point of tossing their iPhone at the nearest hard surface. Medium includes 4 variations so you can practice for the uber-challenge that is Hard.

What we are most exited about is our ability to add variations of the game to medium difficulty. I will submit version 1.31 on Sunday. This will 2 more medium levels. Apple took 7 days so you can expect 1.31 to be out some where around July 18th 2009.

I am posing a question to our users. Once you have downloaded version 1.3 play medium. 21 hEx are put on the board at the beginning of each game. Would you as users like to see variations of medium that have less than 21 hex to start out. In medium there is a hExistential match when there are more than 9 hex on the board. Some users will see this as easier because there will be less hEx to keep track of. Though I find more options to be easier.

I also want to mention that we are still listening to your feedback. In the next few days we will be adding a planned feature section to the hExistentialism page of the site. Most of these features will come from requests made by users of our iPhone Game.